The City of Calgary Is Currently Hiring For A Wide Variety Of Positions With Pay Up To $150K Yearly

The answer to where to go for your next career move can be standing in front of you. There are now a lot of unfilled positions in the City of Calgary, some of which pay up to $150,000 annually.


Among the many different roles that the City of Calgary is now hiring for are those of engineers and human resource managers. If employed, you may work in the metropolis and get a mouthwatering triple-digit wage.


You can apply today for the following high-paying jobs that the City of Calgary is offering:


Headline Workplace Solutions


Range of pay: $89,632 to $137,281 year


Those with a degree in interior design or architecture should apply. You would be responsible for making sure that the City’s office space meets corporate requirements and is competitively priced in this role.


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Senior Track and Infrastructure Engineer


Pay range: $98,595 to $151,009 year


Those Who Ought to Apply: This position might be perfect for you if you have extensive experience with rail travel and an engineering degree. You would be in charge of working on the Green Line Programme, a new LRT line that would connect several city regions.


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Lead in Finance, Inventory, and Fleet


Salary range: $89,632 to $137,281 per year


Those Who Ought to Apply: You would offer guidance and support to the fleet services division in Calgary. Those with an accounting certification and a degree in a related field should apply.


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Initiator, Deference, and Broadcasting


Salary range: $89,632 to $137,281 per year


Applying is encouraged for those who are committed to creating a workplace that is “equitable, diverse, and inclusive.” The Calgary Fire Department would hire you to help with projects, programmes, and education aimed at enacting systemic change.


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Head of Compensation and Human Resources


Salary range: $89,632 to $137,281 per year


Who Should Apply: You might oversee the Total Rewards and Healthy Workplace team in Calgary if you have a wealth of HR experience. For City employees, you would be in charge of designing and maintaining effective pay plans.


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Engineer for Reliability


Pay range: $86,967 to $131,311 year


Those Who Ought to Apply: an expert in reliability-centered maintenance initiatives. You would use information from many sources to increase the dependability of the City’s machinery and vehicles.


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