Smart home planning with Mortgage tax breaks

I think there are many people who want their own home someday but are wondering how to start moving.

with questions like should I keep renting a house? Or should I buy it? going on inside their heads it leaves the person in a confused state of mind. however, implementing the smartest home planning will go a very long way to help with mortgage tax breaks

This time, based on the experiences of my home who actually purchased my home, I will introduce mainly the strongest tax-saving system that can be used by those who take out a mortgage, the mortgage tax reduction.

Mortgage tax reduction means that if you take out a mortgage and buy your own home, a part of the tax you paid will be returned.
But how much will it actually come back? Although there is a system, is my home really buying now? I will explain thoroughly.

Buy your dream home

The home of the relocated family.
Recently, I bought my long-cherished home.

Although there are often discussions such as “Which is better, owning a house or renting?”, This discussion depends on the situation, so it cannot be said which one is better.

Why did my home decide to buy my home instead of renting it?

There are several reasons for that.

I have two preschool children in my house, but I was planning to buy my home early before school to avoid changing schools.

Of course, recent mortgage interest rate trends and mortgage tax cuts have certainly helped.
From my own experience of purchasing my home, I would like to tell you three things in particular.

(1) Review your life plan once again
(2) Acquire knowledge about mortgages
(3) Make it easy to pass the mortgage examination

(1) Review your life plan once again

If you have a life plan,

・ When do you need a lot of money?
・ How much money will you need?

That can be predicted to some extent.

For example, if the interest rate on a mortgage rises when the child’s education costs are high, it may put pressure on the household budget, so a strategy such as setting up a mortgage at a fixed interest rate (or a fixed interest rate with a fixed period) can be considered. ..

If you choose a floating interest rate, if the interest rate rises and the time when you spend a lot of money overlaps, it is possible that your home bankruptcy reserve army is straight.

Also, if it turns out that the mortgage repayment period is longer than the timing of retirement, it is important to repay as early as possible and not leave the loan in the pension life.

For these reasons, it is important to review your life plan in advance.

(2) To acquire knowledge about mortgages

After making a life plan, “what type of mortgage should I choose?” Is an annoying point.

In addition to variable and fixed interest rates, there are some points you should know when comparing mortgages, such as taxes and group credit life insurance (group credit).

In particular, there are many situations where you need to know about mortgages, such as “Does the interest rate rise during repayment?” And “Should I repay in advance?” Not only when borrowing a mortgage.

Therefore, it is recommended that you study some knowledge about mortgages.

It also has the advantage of making it easier to understand the explanation when consulting with a real estate company if you have the knowledge.

(3) Make it easy to pass the mortgage examination

Not everyone can get a mortgage. You will be able to borrow for the first time after passing the bank examination.
Therefore, even if your annual income is high and you are likely to be able to borrow a mortgage, there are many other loans (car loans, etc.) . If you meet the conditions, borrowing from a bank may be difficult. I also bought a car with cash as much as possible and paid close attention to the repayment status of my credit card.

What I would like to say here is that from the time you want to borrow a mortgage, you need to be careful not to lose your credit, such as by organizing other loans and accumulating years of service. Mortgages are often expensive, so personal credit information is important.


You should buy with a mortgage tax breaks.

What is a mortgage tax cut?

The mortgage tax reduction is a tax reduction system that can be applied for by those who have borrowed a mortgage and purchased their own home. Also known as a mortgage deduction.
The mortgage tax exemption mechanism is to deduct 1% of the mortgage loan balance at the end of each year during the first 13 years of mortgage loan.
(* However, only the consumption tax is applied for the last 3 years.)

The word “deduction” may be hard to hear, but in short, it should be a discounted image.
Even though the tax is deducted, there may be a small image of 1%.

However, for example, 1% of 30 million yen will be 300,000 yen. Even 1% is a non-negligible amount, and it can be said that it is a very profitable system.

Some readers of this article may regret, “Maybe I should have bought it before the consumption tax hike?”
will be 300,000 yen. Even 1% is a non-negligible amount, and it can be said that it is a very profitable system.

Some readers of this article may regret, “Maybe I should have bought it before the consumption tax hike?”

However, considering the extension of the mortgage tax reduction and other preferential treatments, there are cases where it is more profitable to purchase your own home after the consumption tax increase.
I want to make good use of the system.

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