Labourer Jobs in Canada: (Earn – $1000 Weekly) – APPLY NOW

Apply for Canadian Laborer Jobs and Earn $1000 Per Week.

In Canada, laborers are extremely afraid. There are numerous employment openings. Generally speaking, it is quite difficult to immigrate to Canada without a visa; but, if you apply for this position, a free visa will be issued.

So keep reading to find out how to apply for labourer jobs in Canada and get paid a lot of money every week.

Jobs for Laborers in Canada Summary
Lethbridge, AlbertaPay: $31.74 per hour for 40 hours worked each weekConditions of employment: Long-term work
Full time
Day, Night, Weekend, Change, Afternoon, and MorningDate of commencement: As soon as feasibleBenefits: Long-term benefits openings, Other benefits, health benefitsOne opening
Accurate Languages


Education High school diploma from a secondary school Experience

Will exercise

Move machinery, completed goods, and raw materials manually or with the use of motorized equipment across the factory.
Verify and measure the products and supplies.
Material and product sorting, packing, crating, and packaging
Help assemblers, machine operators, and other employees.
Carry out additional manual and basic tasks.
tidy equipment and nearby work places
More details
Physical capacities and work environments
hurried setting
repetitive duties
Managing hefty loads
physically taxing
Observational skills Fine motor control
Managing Weight
up to 100 lbs./45 kg.
own instruments or machinery
steel-toed boots for safety
Safety eyewear or goggles
advantages for health
dental schedule
Plan of care
advantages of vision care
Long-term advantages
Benefits of group insurance
Benefits for parents and maternity
Additional advantages
Retirement Scheme
Additional advantages
Parking is accessible

Apply Online

Are you a Nigerian who wants to move to Canada to work? For you, this is a huge opportunity. To apply for this job, simply follow the instructions on the application form above.

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