Jobs for Caregivers In the USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now!

Are there jobs for Caregivers in the USA with Visa Sponsorship? There are loads of jobs for Caregivers with visa sponsorship in the US. And, caregiver jobs are one of the jobs foreigners who want to Immigrate to the US, easily get.

Furthermore, the United State of America is one of the things richest countries in the world, so almost everyone wants to either visit the US or Immigrate to the country. However, as a caregiver, to further your caregiving career abroad, the procedure you will need to follow in order to attain that. That is why you need to read this content to the end.

Jobs for Caregivers In the USA with Visa Sponsorship

Before I proceed with the key focus of this write-up I would like to break the key focus down by explaining who a caregiver is.

Who is a Caregiver? A caregiver is someone who provides care for a person or group of persons. A caregiver can be a nurse, maid, etc. Further, the person offering care can be a paid or unpaid member of someone’s social network who helps people or a person with activities of daily living.

US Visa Sponsorship for Caregivers Jobs

If you want to work in the US as a caregiver with visa sponsorship, you will need to get a job offer, first, before any other thing. It is when a company or individual offers you a caregiver job that you will start processing your visa.

Although your employer will first submit a petition to the US workforce before you start applying for a US work visa. Before you go over the internet to search for US jobs for caregivers, you should have in mind the type of caregiver job want to go for.

Types of Jobs for Caregivers In the USA with Visa Sponsorship

Beneath is the list of caregiver work in the United States of America;

  • Informal Caregiver
  • Home health caregiver.
  • Skilled nursing home caregiver.
  • Online caregiver.
  • Independent caregiver.
  • Senior living caregiver.
  • Hospice caregiver.
  • Virtual caregiver.
  • In-home caregiver or non-medical caregiver.
  • Family or Private Home Caregiver
  • Home Health Care Caregiver
  • Agency Caregiver
  • Independent Caregiver

Home Health Aide

This is one of the best caregiver jobs you will find in the USA. And, this job implies that you dedicate your hours of working to making sure your client always get the best services they desire.

However, you can achieve this by making sure you clean the house properly, cook and follow up with clients with medical cases by giving them their medication at the prescribed time. Also, you get to earn about $29,430 to $30,230 yearly as a home health aid.

In-home caregiver or non-medical caregiver

Working as an in-home caregiver in America you have to ensure your client gets comfortable with the service you render. So, if you plan on getting any non-medical caregiver jobs, you have to give in your best in taking care of your client’s home like it’s yours.

Furthermore, you get a chance to earn a good amount of money which is about $35,158 and more every year. Also, ensure you pick among the best in-home jobs when applying for one in the USA.

Virtual caregiver

It might seem impossible but it is sure to say you get to work as a virtual caregiver in the USA. However, all you have to do is always ensure you use the best video call platform to interact with and note the well-being of your client.

Besides, people might think this type of caregiving won’t be coming with a lot of stress but that’s not true. And, this is because you have to make sure you carefully monitor the activities of your client. Also, you get to earn a yearly salary of about $48,734 or even more depending on the job you get.

Hospice caregiver

You can also consider getting a job in the USA to work as a hospice caregiver in the USA. And, in that case, you get to take care of a client whose life is about to come to an end due to some type of illness. So, as a hospice caregiver, you have to focus on making sure your clients live comfortably

Furthermore, you make sure you show lots of love toward your care recipients. Also, the amount of salary you earn depends on the type of caregiving company you are working with. So, you might get to earn lower or higher than $32,328 in a year.

Agency Caregiver

This is also another great caregiving job you can find in America. And, in other to be qualified for this job role, you must be a “Certified Nursing Assistant. So, as an agency caregiver, you get generalize in nursing tasks for your clients.

Furthermore, you should note that different caregiving agencies has the different amount they pay their employees, it could be lesser or more than $29,270 per year.

Senior living caregiver

Another type of caregiving job you can get is to work as a senior living caregiver in the USA. Besides, this job role can be very tasking which leaves you with a lot of pressure from working.

However, you will be left with the responsibility of taking care of clients with mental health related problems. Also, you can this type of job through some nursing homes or caregiving agencies. And, they earn about $37,109 yearly.

Skilled Nursing Home Caregiver

A skilled nursing home caregiver provides care and physiotheraphy support to their care recipient in all areas that they require. Furthermore, they tend to work for a like a short period of time till there clients gains stability. So, at this point the client can get a non specialist caregiver.

Also, they get to earn an averge salary of $39,000 per year, so if you fit the role you can surely apply for this type of caregiving job.

Independent Caregiver

These type of caregivers do not depend on any caregiving agencies or companies for job. So, they get their jobs directly from families and people that requires their care services directly. Besides, it is advisable you acqire some experience from working with agencies before filling this job role.

However, you can get up to $41,377 in a year working directly with clients as an independent caregiver in the USA.

With the above list of caregiver jobs, you should know the one that suits you. Once upon know the caregiver job you want to apply for, you can proceed with the application process.

Requirement of a Caregiver Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

The following are some of the requirements you have to meet in other to be considered as a caregiver.

  • Have a good caregiving experience.
  • CPR training.
  • Possess a driver’s license.
  • Have a professional and friendly attitude.
  • Interpersonal relationship.
  • Have a high school diploma.
  • Should be able to pass a required TB test and physical examination.
  • The candidate must be willing to work flexible hours.
  • Have good reading and writing skills in English

These are requirements for jobs for caregivers in the USA with visa Sponsorship

Jobs For Caregivers in the USA with Visa Sponsorship Application

Applying for a caregiver job in the US with visa Sponsorship is not a hard task. Once you have your Curriculum Vitae, Application letter, and the official website address for the US caregiver job, you are good to go.

The USA Immigration department offers procedures by which foreigners can get visa Sponsorship jobs in the US. So, to stand a chance to get the visa Sponsorship job, you need to follow the procedure involved.

 How to Apply for a Caregiver Job in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

To apply for a caregiver job with visa sponsorship, here are the basic steps to take;

  • Get your CV and an Application letter ready
  • Search for US Caregiver Job on the internet. Go to sites like,, etc.
  • Find the job, go through the job details
  • Apply for the job, by filling out the application form
  • Forward your CV and application letter if requested
  • Wait for the Interview, if you pass this stage
  • After the interview, if you are successful, you will receive a job offer
  • The Employer will notify the US workforce, the USCIS.
  • The Employer submits the labor condition application to DOL for certification. And also register the USCIB for the Annual H-1B lottery and file a petition for visa Sponsorship on your behalf
  • Your potential employer will have to submit complete forms 1-129 to the USCIS for the selection of beneficiaries.

After filing the petition, the Employer will let you know when to apply for the US work visa. These are procedures on how to sponsor a caregiver in the US.

USA H-1B Visa Sponsorship for Caregiver Jobs

For caregivers looking for jobs in the US with visa Sponsorship, the H-1B Visa may be the best for you. The US H-1B visa sponsorship enables employers or companies in the USA to employ foreign graduates to work in their various establishments.

How to get US H1B Visa Sponsorship for Caregiver Job

Below are 6 ways to get an H1B visa sponsored by the United State;

  • Find a suitable available job in the H1B visa sponsorship Database.
  • Apply for a US job online and get an offer.
  • Find an internship job
  • Find US boutique consulting companies.
  • Find Global consulting companies.
  • Apply for University Job in the USA

These are ways to get a visa H1B Visa sponsorship.

What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Caregiver

Whether a private home caregiver or a live-in Caregiver, the following are the general responsibilities of a caregiver;

  • Monitor medications.
  • Helps to provide transportation.
  • Offers mobility assistance.
  • Gives emotional support.
  • A caregiver helps with personal care.
  • Assist with food preparation.
  • Prepare a care plan.
  • Provide companionship.
  • Assist with basic needs.
  • Help with housekeeping.

These are some of the core responsibilities of a caregiver.

Hospitals that Sponsor Foreign Nurses (Caregiver jobs)

Nurses can also work as caregivers in the US. So, if you are a certified nursing assistant, a home health aide, or a Licensed Practical nurse, you can get employed as a caregiver in any of the U.S hospitals. All you need to do is to find a hospital that offers visa Sponsorship to foreigners and apply for vacancies.

List of US Hospitals that Sponsor Foreign Nurses

The Hospitals in the United States that Sponsor foreign nurses are as follows:

  • Norwalk Community Hospital.
  • Happy Home Health Services.
  • Colorado West Healthcare System.
  • Southern California Hospital.
  • AdventHealth
  • Oak Ridge Care Center.
  • Fairview Rehab and Nursing home.
  • Foothill Regional Medical Center.
  • Green Door Placement.
  • Crescentia

This is a list of hospitals in the United States that offer visa Sponsorship to foreigners.


What Qualifications do I Need to work as a Professional Caregiver in the U.S?

The function of a professional caregiver is a sensitive one, so you should have the basic qualifications. And you need more than a high school diploma to qualify for the job.

However, the educational qualifications for a professional or agency caregiver include a diploma in NursingCertificate in Nursing assurance, good communication skills, and working experience.

Can I work as a caregiver in the USA?

If you are a caregiver outside the US, you can work as a caregiver in the US. All you need to do is first apply for a caregiver job in the US, to get a job offer.

Is there Caregiver Jobs in the USA for foreigners with visa sponsorship

Yes, there are many caregiver jobs available in the US for Foreigners with visa Sponsorship. You can find one online by visiting our jobs portal.

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