How to make money with Clickbank in Nigeria for Beginners

Hello, soldier welcome back, today to help keep the hustling spirit alive we are going to learn how to make money from Clickbank in Nigeria with only a few simple steps of work.

Anyone, from total beginners to seasoned pros in affiliate marketing, can use this method successfully trust me.

If you are just learning about affiliate marketing for the first time today, let me assure you that utilizing this strategy will result in monetary gain.

Right now, all I require from you is your undivided attention and a burning desire to put into practice what we are going to cover here today.

Those who are familiar with ClickBank in Nigeria are aware that the company is one of the largest affiliate networks in the whole wide world.

In addition to this, there is no limit placed on the affiliate income you can make.

To put it another way, you have no limits on how much money you can earn. With ClickBank, the only thing that can stop you is yourself.

How to make money from Clickbank in Nigeria

I’m going to do everything in my power to make this the final resource you read on the topic of how to open a ClickBank account in Nigeria and start earning money online.

That s*** doesn’t normally work for Nigerians, but don’t worry about it because there is still a way to get around it, and you’ll learn everything you need to know in this post.


What does Clickbank stand for?

In all honesty, what is the first thing that typically comes to mind when you hear the name Clickbank? Are you familiar with affiliate networks?

However, Clickbank is more than just an affiliate network; it is also a marketplace. This means that sellers, makers, and vendors of products, as well as buyers, consumers, and affiliates, can all come together to transact business.

This simply means that you have the same opportunity as anyone else to create a product and make it available for purchase through the ClickBank network.

Affiliates who are interested in selling your product will have the opportunity to promote it for you and earn a commission as a result of their efforts.

To put it another way, Clickbank acts as a go-between for people who create digital products like ebooks, videos, and the like and affiliate marketers who are able to sell those products. In other words, Clickbank is the “middleman” (which is me and you).

How the Clickbank System works in Nigeria

If you’ve been successful in creating a ClickBank account, you’ll be able to use it from virtually anywhere in the world, including Nigeria.

You might be wondering how exactly it operates.

According to where you stand on the platform, Clickbank is composed of two different groups:

  1. Affiliate Marketers (Me and You)

You can jump right in as an affiliate marketer, create your own unique affiliate links for thousands of products, and start driving traffic immediately to begin making money from your sales.

The membership is typically free for anyone to join, so I don’t understand what the problem is with Nigerians joining.

They apply a sort of screening process to Nigerians before continuing with the registration process.

In spite of this, however, Nigerians continue to sign up for the program, which is something else that you are going to find out as a result of reading this post.

Vendors (Owners of Products)

If you are a product owner and a vendor, then you have the ability to add your product to the database that ClickBank maintains.

They will handle all aspects of the checkout process and the integration of payments, in addition to working with affiliates to promote the product.

You will be required to pay a one-time activation fee of $49.95 in order to become a seller on Clickbank. This fee is required to become a vendor on Clickbank.

If you don’t want to deal with the technical side of things, this is typically a good option for you; however, you should be aware that the platform will deduct a significant amount of money from your sales ($1 plus 7.5% of the sales).

The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a ClickBank Account in Nigeria

If you want to open a Clickbank account in Nigeria, the process is very straightforward. However, before that can happen, there are a few requirements that absolutely must be met by you.

Conditions That Must Be Satisfied Prior to the Creation of Your Clickbank Account in Nigeria

  • Strong VPN (Premium if possible)
  • Put in a new browsing program.
  • Create a brand-new Gmail account, preferably one that you haven’t previously used with ClickBank.
  • Fake Name Generator (
  • A Payoneer account (you can sign up for one on this page if you don’t already have one)

After ensuring that everything is in order, you can then move on to setting up an account with Clickbank.

Step 1: Activate Your VPN

Check your location after making sure you are using a premium VPN service, making sure your VPN is turned on, and that your IP address is completely shielded. To get started, make sure your VPN is turned on and that your IP address is completely shielded.

Next, go to the website for the Fake Name Generator.

Your new identity, along with your home address and phone number, which are going to be required for activating your account, is going to be generated by the website.

On the website, you will be required to select both your gender and country; either the United States or the United Kingdom will do. After that, all you have to do is copy the details that were generated, and you will be good to go.

To be clear, the only information that is required is the street address, along with the city, zip code, and telephone number.

Step 2: Create Your Clickbank Account

The following step to take in this situation is to go to the website ClickBank. Following that, select the “Create Account” button from the menu.

Next, in the columns that are available, enter both your first and last name exactly as they are displayed on your Payoneer account.

Be aware that this is not the name that was produced by a website that generates fake names; this is actually your real name.

You only need the phone number, city, and postal code that will be entered on the address column respectively, as well as the street address.

On the following page, you will find information regarding your banking. At this point, you will be required to enter a payee name, which should be your legal name.

Proceed to the next step once you have entered your name exactly as it appears on your Payoneer account.

At this stage, you will indicate the country in which your bank is based. If you select the United Kingdom as your country, you can select either Citibank or Barclays bank as your financial institution of choice.

Next, make sure you’ve accepted all of the terms and conditions, and then type in the captcha! BOOM!

And that’s all.

How To Choose ClickBank Product To Promote

Before beginning to promote a product, it is critical to first conduct adequate research on the product in question. The product that you decide to sell is going to be the single most important factor in determining your level of success.

This is due to the fact that we sell both high-quality and low-quality products. The question now is, how can you recognize the good ones while avoiding the bad ones?

You are required to examine them. A significant portion of the process consists of screening the products.

When it comes to vetting potential products for promotion, here are a few criteria that we ought to pay attention to:

  • Initial offer at a low price with up to three upsells
  • Video sales pages and “native” sales pages (pages that look like articles)
  • Products that have received positive feedback online
  • Gravity above 20


Ways To Promote Clickbank Products And Make Money IN Nigeria

There are many different approaches to advertising this that will actually result in monetary gain for you. But I believe the majority of people reading this are total novices who have a smaller starting capital to work with.

Because of this, I am going to provide you with access to this source so that you do not have to be concerned about traffic or wasting your money on paid traffic.

You don’t need to do anything; all you have to do is follow the steps I lay out for you.

However, before we can get started, you will need a straightforward website to use for landing pages. Get yourself a hosting account by going to BlueHost.

Having said that, you will need to purchase your hosting through this link, where you will also receive a free domain name.

After you have made the purchase, get in touch with us, and we’ll set up a straightforward website for your blog for a token.

Now that we have a website let’s proceed to the main business.

How To Make Money With Clickbank In Nigeria

As I was saying earlier, there are a few different approaches that you can take to accomplish this, but I’m only going to go over the one that is the least complicated and the most economical.

This indicates that you literally do not need any financial resources in order to make money online with ClickBank in Nigeria.

In order for this to work, we are going to make use of a website that consists of questions and answers.

Why Use a Question and Answer Format?

The fact that this is happening to you most likely stems from the fact that you are assisting others in solving their problems.

When someone is struggling with an issue, they require a solution as soon as possible. And “Q and A” websites are the best places to find answers in the shortest amount of time possible.

How did you manage to get here? You make your entrance by resolving their issue with the help of the affiliate products you sell. It is possible that you will not have any solutions to the problem when you first begin.

But don’t worry about it because in not too much longer I’ll show you how you can be a provider of solutions to these problems while at the same time making a lot of money for yourself.

The target demographic (who have issues) =>> Q & A Site => Your Answer =>> $$$

If you want a quick sale, you should use this method instead. It is Effective.

Why? Because these individuals require a prompt responses to their questions. To earn money from this question and answer session, all you have to do is respond to it.

I’ll walk you through the process using this incredible platform known as REDDIT.

1. Create an account on Reddit

DO NOT immediately sign up for the website using your Gmail or Facebook account when you arrive at the page. Signing up is always done by clicking the “Continue with Email” button.

Note that after you have registered with Reddit, there will be a confirmation link waiting for you in your email inbox. This link must be clicked in order to complete the registration process.

If you can’t find that link in your inbox, check the spam folders to see if it was sent there.

After that, you will be redirected to a page where you can select questions for which you want answers and another page where you can select questions for which you believe you can provide answers.

Select the topics that are relevant to your specialty, then click the “Continue” button.


Step 2: Setup your Profile for Yourself

In order for this to work, the appearance of your profile account must be one that is professional. To accomplish this, simply click the name of your profile, and then select “Profile.”

It is essential for your account that you give particular attention to the three components shown in the image below, which can be found on your profile page.

#1: Photo:

You don’t have to be the one doing it. Any image from Google Image search will work just fine for this purpose.

If your intended market segment is the health industry, for instance, a picture of a fit and healthy person would work very well.

#2: A Person’s History

Simply type in a profession that is pertinent to your target niche under the heading “Biography,” as this will be your profession.

For instance, if your intended market is the health industry, a good professional would be a “Weight Loss Instructor,” “make-money instructor,” or “Nutrition Specialist.”

#3. change your username

you must have to change your username from the original name it came with to a new name think of something unique and brandable

#4. communities

Search for all related categories in my communities and join all the groups to help you have a vast majority of people to reach out to when you publish any content or run a campaign.

#5: Description

Include in your “Description” section something that is pertinent to your line of work.

Example: “Since 2017, I have assisted my clients in achieving making money online; the most prominent among them being earning money through ads.. blah..blah..and blah.” Just use your imagination.

Important: You should strive to be as accurate as possible in steps 1, 2, and 3 described above, as this information will be displayed on your profile when you respond to a question just like the one shown below:


You have to realize that we are marketers, and flexibility is a trait that is required of marketers on occasion. We occasionally force ourselves to do things that are outside of our comfort zone, but the payoff is usually positive.

It’s the same as assisting someone while maintaining your anonymity. That is, keeping your identity a secret from others. On Reddit, I can switch between up to three different accounts at once.

In the event that you find the method described above to be unsatisfactory in any way, you can always use your own photo, biography, and description.

Your chances of having your answers ‘Upvoted,’ which ultimately leads to higher rankings and more traffic based on Reddit’s algorithm, are increased when you have a complete profile.

This not only boosts confidence but also increases the number of people who click through to your landing page, increasing your click-through rate (CTR).

Your ultimate objective here should be to contribute something of value, establish yourself as a credible presence, and work toward having your answers voted “Up.” You might ask how it is possible for me to do this.

Simply by concentrating on your specific area of expertise and responding to questions that fall under the same heading.

Since we’ve gotten that out of the way…

Using the products that you sell as an affiliate, we are going to look for problems that need to be solved, and I am going to show you the best way to solve those problems.

3 step is to search for questions on Reddit

When searching for questions to answer on Reddit, you will always come across questions that have received a large number of responses from other users of Reddit who are just like you.

When you answer questions on Reddit that have multiple results, you will automatically be added to the bottom of the list of previous answers. which new visitors are not likely to read when they first arrive.

You might be wondering, “So how do I find questions that have fewer or no answers?”

Now, this is where Google comes in handy, isn’t it? Let’s say that your intended market niche is “make money.”

You will need to go to, then copy and paste the following “search string” into the search bar there, as shown below: “niche/keyword”

Take a look at the picture down here

How to make money from Clickbank in Nigeria

Between the two sets of quotation marks, type the name of the sector of the market that you want to focus on.

  • Choose the “Search tools” option from the menu.
    Simply select “Any time” from the drop-down menu.
    After that, go back through the menu and select “Past 24 hours.”

You will now have access to the most contemporary and cutting-edge questions, the vast majority of which do not have answers. If you want to search for additional questions that are related to the specific target niche that you have chosen, all you have to do is change the keyword that is enclosed in double quotation marks.


Choose a question that you feel presents an outstanding opportunity for your Clickbank affiliate business, and then respond to that question with an answer.

Step 4: Respond on Reddit to Requests for Information That Have Been Made

If you want the majority of people to look at your answer, you need to provide a lot of specific information for them to digest. Not only is it going to go over well with the people who follow you, but there is also a good chance that it will earn you some upvotes.

How are you supposed to respond to questions in which you have either limited or no personal knowledge if this is the case?

It’s very simple; all you have to do is search for the information you’re looking for on Google.

What you ought to do is revisit Google and conduct a search for the question to which you are trying to find an answer. Let’s say someone asks you something along the lines of “how to lose weight,” and they want an answer to that question from you. What would you say?

As you can see, there are several distinct viewpoints that have been expressed in response to the inquiry that has already been asked. The following step requires you to open each one in a new tab, and then copy the explanation that you consider to be the most understandable.

Please refrain from copying and pasting what you see here!

Before you can use them as an answer, you will first need to rewrite them using your own words in your own words. Because there is a tool that can do that for you instead, there is no need for you to manually rewrite them in their entirety. Don’t be concerned about that at all.

This application is known as quillbot, and in order to use it, all you need to do is copy the content, then paste it into quillbot, and it will rewrite it for you automatically. The box that can be found below will contain the revised version of the article when it is finally presented.

How to make money from Clickbank in Nigeria

After you have your content that has been rewritten, you will need to cut and paste it into Microsoft word, and then perform some basic editing on it. You will want to proofread it and get rid of any mistakes that are there before you publish it, so make sure you do that.

After you have finished with that part of the process, you should then go to Reddit and copy and paste the first one-quarter of the article into your response there. Then, at the very end of the response, add something along the lines of “to learn more,” “also read this,” “see the number one trick to lose weight,” and so on and so forth.

You should make an effort to use words that are intriguing so that readers will want to click the link to your landing page. I don’t think it’s necessary for me to explain this, but I’ll do it anyway.

You will insert your affiliate links within the words themselves on the landing page so that they can function as contextual links.

Designing a Landing Page for Your Website

Bluehost is a good place to begin if you do not already have a website; however, if you do not already have a website, this will not be difficult for you to accomplish.

As soon as you have your site up and running, you will need to create a new post on your blog that is going to contain the entirety of the response to the question that you posed on Reddit. You can do this as soon as you have your site up and running.

Go to your blog, and then from the administration dashboard of WordPress, click on the “Posts” link that is located in the sidebar on the left. This will accomplish what you want.

This will produce a list of the blog entries on your site arranged in the reverse chronological order of when they were posted. Because we are working with a brand-new installation, there won’t be anything visible in this section. To add something new, click the button that says “Add New.”

At this point, you will be transported to the editor, where you will be able to incorporate your article.

After that, all that is left to do is publish it, after which you will need to copy and paste the updated version of the answer, followed by the affiliate link for ClickBank.

Your answer on Reddit will be updated with a link to the published answer on your blog; therefore, if people want to read the rest of your response, they will be redirected to your blog, where they can click the affiliate link for your ClickBank business.

Remember that the more questions you answer, the more opportunities you will have to make more money with ClickBank. The more questions you answer, the more money you can make with ClickBank.

A rundown on How to Make Money with ClickBank in Nigeria

You probably already have a pretty good idea that the scope of this strategy extends to cover a somewhat wider area than just ClickBank on its own does by itself. You are free to utilize this in other affiliate programs or even for the purpose of promoting your very own products.

This is just one of the many ways that you can make money with ClickBank in Nigeria, and I’ll be updating this post with some of the other ways that you can make money with ClickBank.

However, before we get to that point, I’d like to get your feedback on what you think about this by using the comment box, and I’d also like to know if it was successful for you.

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