How To Make Money On eBay From Nigeria | 3 Mind Blowing Strategies

There are a number of ways to make money on eBay from Nigeria even for beginners. One way is to sell products that are in demand in the Nigerian market. For example, popular items such as mobile phones and laptops are always in high demand. You can source these items from online stores or local retailers.


Another way to make money on eBay from Nigeria is to sell services. If you have a skill or service, you can list them on eBay and offer them to buyers from all over the world. For example, you could offer web design services or even simply offer to do odd jobs for people in your local area.


NB: Whatever route you take, be sure you have learned and mastered the required skills to deliver. 

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The question is, “Can I Make Money on eBay from Nigeria?”


Yes, making money on eBay from Nigeria is still possible, despite the widespread belief that corruption has limited many hardworking Nigerians from making their genuine money online and thus has set them back. However, even with that being said, many Nigerians, in fact, regularly still profit from eBay sales; we will be proud to show you how.


Knowing how dropshipping works and how to manage an affiliate network is all you need to make money on eBay while living in Nigeria. You can continue to run a business from Nigeria, targeting customers in the United States.


You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the eBay website in Nigeria and complete the registration process there. You need to ensure the VPN is active each time you access the site.


If you’re a Nigerian resident and you’re not ready to start making money on eBay, then read on. You may want to check out How Students Can obtain loans to start up a business


Strategies for Earning Money on eBay in Nigeria


Currently, there are three (3) methods to generate money on eBay in Nigeria. As a result of eBay, Amazon, and the like having stringent restrictions for people based in Nigeria, selling things on these platforms might be challenging.


To that end, I’ve outlined three (3) strategies for making money on eBay in Nigeria.


  1. Dropshipping 
  2. Affiliate marketing 
  3. Freelancing (offering of services)


One is the practice of “dropshipping”


Dropshipping, often known as product sourcing, is a business model that eBay users are free to pursue. You go out and find supplies; then you put up the goods you found on your seller’s page. After a sale is made, you transmit the buyer’s information and the purchase price to the vendor so that they can ship the goods straight to the client without going through you.


Without a doubt, if you live in Nigeria, dropshipping is the best way to get started in making money on eBay. For this reason, drop shipping should be considered and placed on your top priority list if you want to make money on eBay.

How to make money using dropshipping

It’s simple, and your task is to locate a vendor who offers the product you plan to advertise and who is willing to dropship orders directly to your client.

How To Make Money On eBay From Nigeria
How To Make Money On eBay From Nigeria using dropshipping

In order to avoid falling victim to scammers or insincere suppliers, it is important to perform your research on the company in question, read their customer evaluations, and establish clear rules of cooperation before committing to working with them.


Build up your listings

The next step is to build listings for the products you wish to sell after discovering reputable suppliers and agreeing to deal with them. Take high-quality photos and carefully describe the products you intend to sell. You should include all of these in your eBay listing. During the store creation process, you will be prompted to select a store subscription: starter, basic, premium, anchor, or enterprise.

The recommended plan for a new seller is the $4.95/month beginner plan, allowing you to post up to 250 products each month.

Promote your wares on eBay and social media

The next step is for interested parties to send in their inquiries after perusing the product listings. Use social media and other forms of advertising to get the word out about your listing.


Earn Money From Nigeria Using Affiliate Marketing On eBay


If you own a website, you can make money through affiliate marketing on eBay; this is most successful if your website visitors are located in the United States or Europe this is because they are the highest-paying customers on eBay. Get started by joining the eBay Partner Network. Please proceed in the manner we outlined below.

How To Make Money On eBay From Nigeria
Earn Money From Nigeria Using Affiliate Marketing On eBay

Sign Up for the eBay Affiliate Network


In order to make money as an eBay affiliate, you must first take this initial step. To join the eBay Partner Network, go to the signup page, choose your language, and then follow the on-screen instructions. In a short while, you should receive an answer to your email from eBay.

NB: before you can be able to pull in lots of customers to make sales, your website must have enough website traffic that converts. You can learn on how to get lots of traffic and convert them into leads and sales

Make Use of Affiliate Links

When you’ve been accepted into the eBay Partner Network, you’ll be able to start making affiliate links for the items you want to promote. All of this can be managed from within your affiliate dashboard, where you’ll also have the opportunity to modify the links to reflect your personal preferences.


Third, incorporate affiliate links into your site’s content.

eBay offers a number of advertising formats, so you may choose to place the links as either URL or display ads. You should include your eBay affiliate URL link in any article that discusses eBay products for the best conversion.


Increase the amount of material on your site, the number of affiliate links you use, and the number of times you use them, but don’t go overboard. Using the links on relevant pages should be a part of your overall strategy.

NB: Remember that it’s very vital and important that you make use of the “rel sponsored” tag in your affiliate link. This helps the search engines to understand better what your link is for.

Few things to keep in mind to be successful in making money on eBay from Nigeria.


Plan and strategy 

Discover a niche you can work on and focus on it. This will help you learn everything from the in and out of the niche to help you scale up and start making sales faster.


NB: If you fail to focus on a niche and keep switching from one niche to another you will hardly get a breakthrough. Hence It requires commitment and focuses In order to be successful in making money on eBay.


Create listings 

These listings must be optimized for eBay search engines for the best results. Remember to make sure to use high-resolution quality images you can make one using or buy from stock photos.


Promote your listing 

Social media Promotion is needed to gain visibility and engagement. Since you are new on eBay, do this with passion and smile home to your account.




Patience is a vital component that will scale your business on eBay when applied correctly. Making money through eBay is not an overnight thing; slow down, bro; it takes time for you to learn how the eBay algorithm works, and it also takes time to master your skill and serve them to people who are in need of it.


So, have you decided to make some money on eBay from Nigeria? If so, Congrats! Here are a few tips that will engineer your success:

1. Know the market. Know what items people in your area are buying and selling. This will help you identify which items to list and which to avoid.

2. Research the items you are selling. Do your research so that your items are in good condition and accurately describe them.

3. Get organized. Having an organized eBay account will make it easier to find items, add them to your auction, and track the progress of your auction.

4. Start with a small auction. Recall that a thousand miles begin with a single step. Don’t jump; you don’t know, you might land with your head on the ground and your feet way up high in the sky just kidding but on a serious note, take it one step at a time.


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