How to make money as an attractive female |7 untapped strategies

Number five is the one that’s just blowing my mind right now; you would make two thousand five hundred dollars a week, ten thousand dollars a month, and twenty-five thousand dollars each year. Girl, believe me, you should be done with surveys and other ways to make money that’s not even enough to buy groceries. 90% of ladies out there want the big bag, and i’m pretty sure you want the big bag too, so if you’ve been searching how to make money as an attractive female, then adjust your seat belt it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

ok, in today’s article, i’m gonna be sharing seven ways that you can make money, and I don’t mean one dollar or two dollars. Granted, some of these ideas make more money than others, but with number five, you can earn as much as a hundred and twenty thousand dollars I mean, there’s money in these streets, so if you’re ready to pick up these gems, then go ahead and subscribe to our push notifications to get more updates as regards making money as a woman.

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How to make money as an attractive female

Hello bae, and welcome to gyfinances if you’re new here welcome and on this page, we talk all things from earning more and building wealth, and today, girl we have a really, really good one i’m going to be sharing seven ways that you can make money as an attractive female even at the comfort of your home. Girl, you are pretty yes, and you can make up to six figures in these streets without having to interact with people you don’t like nor sell your body and with number five you can make up to one hundred thousand dollars a year. and with number six you can One hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

1.   work with amazon’s audiobook company:

The first is working with an amazon audiobook company audible through their platform acx by becoming a narrator and helping authors turn paper books into audiobooks. A lot of us don’t have the time to read as many books as we would like to read and so we turn to platforms like Audible for audiobooks. A lot of authors know this now and because they, too, don’t have the time to sit down after spending so much time writing and editing their books.

After going through the editing and the rest of the book publishing process, many authors are too exhausted to record their own audiobooks. This is where you come in as a girl.

2: learn project management for free on edx

learning this skill on edx and then searching for project management roles on a website such that are remote. Many businesses are looking for project managers right now, and if you’re qualified, you might fill that vacancy and start making the big bucks.

3. designing website templates and uploading them online to sell

Rather than working with clients one-on-one, where you have limited time and therefore would make a limited amount of money, what you can do instead is design website themes and put them up on a website like a theme forest, where you can keep selling the same themes over and over and over again. If you have knowledge of HTML and how to set up a WordPress website, this is a great alternative to working with clients one-on-one. Set up a Shopify store to sell information-based products.

4. Information marketer.

A young lady, who is an investment banker, did a little homework, and she did set up this online store and called it the resource bank. Basically, what she did was upload all of the interview questions and answers that she used throughout her interviewing process to become an investment banker. And just by posting about it on LinkedIn, she was able to make ten thousand pounds in three months, which is about thirteen thousand dollars. And number five is the one that’s just blowing my mind right now.

5. Podcast producing

Now, do you know that Podcasts can generate a whole lot of income? I guess not. Many People Charge Three to Five Hundred Dollars Per Episode of a podcast, So If You Became a Podcast Producer and Produced a Single Podcast Every Weekday, Not Even Including the Weekends, You Would Make $2,500 a Week, $10,000 a Month, and $120 a Week and thousands of dollars a year, that is a lot of money.

6. Design and selling NFts

six is one that i’m trying to get into right now and not just because there’s a lot of buzz around it, but because I honestly think this is the future, and I don’t want to be one of those people who miss out on where the world is headed, and that is to design and sell nuts. nft stands for “next-generation transport,” and it refers to ishh sorry girl am still new to it however you can learn more about nfts here.  however I do know that there is a lot of money to be made in it, and because of this, I’m taking a course to assist me getting in the first right put.

Your own mask first before helping others, but as soon as I have a good understanding and a good grasp of it, i’ll be willing to share it with you all, so let me know in the comments section if you want to learn about nfts cryptocurrencies and all the other things I spend my free time learning about.

7.  Become a Tech tester

Before startups release their apps, they usually try to get people to test the apps to see if they work properly. If you are interested, your work is to check the app the way they’re supposed to work, and that’s where you come in. Imagine getting paid to do nothing more than push a few buttons on your smartphone. I mean, I just love the fact that there are so many ways to make money these days, and we’re no longer in a world where you absolutely have to go down the nine-to-five path to make a decent income for yourself and your family. You have options, girl, so I hope you no longer feel stuck, and I hope you don’t feel down

It has been placed on my heart to say a quick prayer for you, Father God. I thank you for your daughter. I thank you for the work that you are doing for here. I thank you for showing her a new version of herself. I thank you for helping her work through all the feelings that she is currently dealing with, including fear, uncertainty, and the things she is dealing with that she can’t even tell anybody about. Lord, I know that you are the one who sees us even when no one else does and am  trusting you with your daughter, and I ask that you give her a reason to come back and testify of your goodness. Thank you, god because I know you’re faithful, and you continue to take care of us for in the name of Jesus Christ, I’ve prayed amen remember, I’ve asked God to meet her right where she is right now. I ask that you touch her. I ask that you place your hands on her work on her business. I ask that you put your mind on her

That you have my support, and that you should keep supporting yourself even though you have mine, and until we meet again, be careful and take care of yourself.

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