How to identify the new redesigned Naira notes in Nigeria

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You may have seen the new and redesigned Naira notes in circulation here in Nigeria. They look different from the old ones and some people have been having trouble identifying them.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Below we’ve outlined the differences between the new and old notes and how you can easily identify them.

How to Easily Identify the New Naira Notes

You might have heard that the Naira is getting a redesign, and we want to make sure you know how to easily identify the new notes.

There are three new bills in total, each with its own unique color and design. The 200, 500, and 1,000, naira notes have all been given a fresh new look. Below are some of the key features that will help you spot them quickly and easily.

When holding the new notes up to the light, you should be able to see the metallic strip and security thread running through them. And if you tilt them, you should see the denomination printed in raised ink just like the old notes.

The new 200 naira note is orange and has an image of Alhaji sir Ahmadu Bello on it. The 500 naira note is green and has an image of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. The 1,000 naira note is blue and still has its two heads one head is Alhaji Mai Bornu and the other is Dr. Clement Isong.

if you have noticed with these new naira notes every other designs are still intact, the only thing that was changed or probably redesigned was the colors.

So the next time you’re out spending your hard-earned money, make sure you know how to spot the new notes!

Size and Dimension of New Naira Notes

The size and dimension of the new naira notes are other important factors to consider when trying to identify them. The new 500 NGN note is 158mm x 65mm, the 200 NGN note is 151mm x 78mm, and the 1000 NGN note is 151mm x 78mm.

It’s also worth noting that since the notes are made of paper, they’ll be lighter than their polymer counterparts. To add to their durability, each one will be coated with a special color, thereby differentiating them.

Also, take note all three denominations will feature images of former Nigerian leaders; and on the reverse side, there’ll be an image of a different landmark or monument in Nigeria.

Color Coding Guide for the New Naira Notes

The Naira notes have been color-coded according to their denominations. This makes it easier for you to identify them. Here’s what they look like:

– N200: Orange

– N500: Green

– N1000: Blue (Hue)

The new notes also have different color design elements, which made some locals here believe this was done to put an end to money laundering by making siphoned old naira currencies useless after the deadline for the use of the old note.

What Are the Different Denominations Available?

The next step is to familiarize yourself with the different denominations available. There are 8 naira notes but only 3 had a redesign, which are 200, 500, and 1000 each with its own features and design. Other ones you’ll find include the N5, N10, N20, N50, and N100 denominations.

Although all of them are different when compared to the old notes, these recognizable new colors make it fairly easy for you to differentiate between the new and the old.

How to Best Store Your Naira Notes Safely

You’ve now learned how to identify the new and redesigned naira notes. So, what else do you need to know? Well, you’ll want to make sure that you store your money safely.

One good way to keep your money safe is by keeping it in a wallet or purse. This will keep it safe from getting wet, damaged or stolen. You can also use other forms of storage such as a box or container. If you have large amounts of cash to store, consider getting a safety deposit box at your bank. It provides additional security for large sums of money, as well as protection from theft and fire damage.

It’s also important to note that when you’re handling large amounts of cash, it’s best not to count them in public spaces where others can see the amount that you have on hand. Keep the size and quantity of your naira notes discreet whenever possible so you don’t attract unwanted attention!


It’s important to be able to identify the new and redesigned naira notes, as the old notes will soon be phased out. The new notes have a number of features that make them easily distinguishable from the old notes. Here’s a quick guide on how to identify the new notes.

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