How to Buy Oriental Insurance Policy Online & Offline?

Today we will take you on a ride to discuss with you on the various ways on how you can buy oriental insurance policy both online and offline without stress. However, lets go back into history and discuss the formation of the firm.



The firm oriental insurance policy is an India company that started its business in 12th of sep 1947 in Bombay. With their headquarters in INDIA. That’s not all. The company was also a subsidiary of life insurance corporation (LIC) in India in the year 1956 down to 1973. However, the company was later nationalized. After a while, the company’s shares were completely moved to the India’s central government.


Oriental Insurance Services and Products:

Let’s also talk about the services and products offered by the oriental insurance such as the health insurance, car insurance, travel insurance and so on. Let’s look at a more detailed explanation right below.

Oriental Health insurance: over the years people around the world have understood the need to for applying for a health insurance and oriental health insurance is a top-notch health insurance company that offers a very good and vast health security to its clients such as catering for injuries. The company’s health insurance policy is cheap and has done a great job helping families with quality and cheap health care. Also, insurance is also available for all including men, women, children.

Oriental Motor Insurance: Just like any other company’s motor insurance, it’s dedicated to ensure and provide safety to a car and its owner from damages the car sustained by overseeing the expenses that have to do with the car repairs or changes. This is insurance is associated with any 2 wheelers and cars.


Oriental Travel Insurance: This is an insurance that covers travel unforeseen circumstances while traveling to a foreign country. This insurance covers all that has to do with travel flight cancellations, interruptions, delays, medical issues and some other issues that might disrupt your travel or that happened during your travel.


Every company’s goal is to make sure that they provide a better service to its customers and the same is not different from oriental insurance.  Being one of the best insurance providers is its top priority and so far they are good in their field both online and offline.


How to Buy Oriental Insurance Policy Online

While having a vast insurance the company offers to its clients it can still be difficult to understand how you can purchase them online. However, below we will narrate to you the simple procedures that you can use when you are about to purchase insurance policy online.


  1. Head on to the company’s official website on the menu option use the buy online option provided there.
  2. Make a choice and choose your insurance plan
  3. You will be immediately taken to another page where you will be seeing all details regarding the the plan of insurance you had earlier chosen. There fill all required information’s needed and hit submit and you will again be directed to another page to make your payment.
  4. Choose a suitable option to use for your payment such as credit cards, mobile banking or internet banking this is a modern world everything is much easier now.
  5. Well done your work is done the company will now take over to start the process of evaluating and accessing your information’s and payment immediately your done with the payment.



How to purchase Oriental Insurance policy offline:

Probably you’re not conversant with any online stuffz or maybe because of one reason or the other you have chosen to make purchase offline then all you need to do is to visit the company’s branch meet with the company’s agents so you can discuss further and make payments..


Documents Required to Purchase an Oriental Insurance Policy:

These below documents are seriously needed to be provided if you are to purchase any insurance from this firm.

Birth certificate: This is so needed to confirm the your age status

Identity Card: you will have to provide an identity card that explains a  little about who you are such as: voter’s card, driver’s license, international passport etc.

Income slip: This is a copy of your company’s pay slip at least the most recent pay slip will do.

Medical report: A medical report from your doctor is highly needed

If there be other needed document, the agent who is assisting you with the purchase will also tell you.


Popular and most widely sold oriental insurance policies

Below are the lists of the mostly sold insurance policies the company has sold since its birth.


  • PNB – Oriental Royal Mediclaim Policy
  • Motor Policies – Terms & Conditions
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy
  • Group Mediclaim Policy
  • Individual Mediclaim Policy
  • Kissan Package Insurance
  • Motor Cycle Package Policy
  • Oriental Bank Mediclaim Policy
  • Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday
  • Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Study
  • Private Car Package Policy
  • Swasthya Bima Policy
  • Universal Health Insurance Scheme



Oriental insurance policy has a lot of offers which can entice you. Being one of India’s leading insurance policy company you will get the best offer here with one of the cheapest prices. However, how you can be able to purchase an oriental insurance policy should not be a big deal by now. All you are to do is to follow the above laid down procedures and that’s just it good luck.

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