Can I get 2 buy-to-let mortgages at the same time?

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From the lips of prospective mortgage buyers, their regular question is, “Can I get 2 buy-to-let mortgages at the same time?”. It is feasible to hold more than one mortgage, which is fantastic news. Nonetheless, not everyone can get a mortgage, and even fewer can get multiple mortgages.

This tutorial will explain the many elements that go into deciding whether or not you can have more than one mortgage. We will also examine strategies for increasing your odds of securing several mortgages.


How many mortgages can I have at the same time?

So now that we know that more than one mortgage is attainable, you may be asking how many mortgages you can hold simultaneously. If you meet the requirements for having multiple mortgages, you can get as many mortgages as you desire.

Having more than one mortgage is a financial commitment that should only be made if necessary. Having many primary residences is not practical, but owning several investment properties is.

Can I have multiple residential mortgages?

Although it’s possible to have multiple residential mortgages, nevertheless, you’ll still need to specify which one is your primary property. Getting a mortgage for a second home is usually not a problem, but for a third or fourth home, it can be very challenging.

Lenders put restrictions on the number of mortgages a single borrower can have on a single property because of illegal subletting. This is due to the fact that a residential mortgage typically does not necessitate as large of a down payment as a buy-to-let mortgage does.

You should also have a compelling cause for seeking out a secondary residence. For example, you might want a vacation house so you can escape the daily grind or you might be able to find a job in another location and no longer have to commute.

If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing a second home, you’ve come to the right place.

How many buy-to-let mortgages can I have?

A person can have as many buy-to-let mortgages as they want. However, some loan providers have maximum loan amounts they will grant to any one borrower. In other words, they are only reducing the likelihood of something bad happening to them. In spite of this, many landlords use various lenders for their buy-to-let mortgages.

Some property owners may have hundreds of units in their portfolios. This is especially the case with limited liability firms whose main goal is to invest in real estate.

Portfolio mortgages can also be used by property owners. By doing this, they could consolidate all of their mortgage payments into one manageable sum. The goal is to facilitate the administration of extensive portfolios. In addition, investors can take out larger loans against their property holdings.


Can I have multiple commercial mortgages?

You can have as many commercial mortgages as you like, just like with buy-to-let mortgages. Those looking to invest their money may decide to focus completely on commercial real estate. Obtaining several mortgages is usually not an issue.

Your business lender will still have requirements that you must fulfill. In addition, a minimum deposit of 25% is typically required for commercial mortgages. A larger down payment of 35% or more may be necessary for some second mortgages.

Limited firms frequently own a portfolio of commercial real estate in several locations. This allows for a company to have many locations.
Inquire with a mortgage broker

Does my income determine the number of mortgages I can have?

If you intend to use the property as your primary residence, the amount you can borrow will be based on your income. However, this won’t change the fact that you can only apply for so many home loans. Having more than one or two residences is usually unnecessary.

In contrast, the number of buy-to-let mortgages you can have is unlikely to depend on your income level. That’s because when deciding whether or not to grant you a loan, most buy-to-let investors will look at the rental revenue your property is expected to generate rather than your salary.

You should be able to cover your buy-to-let mortgage payment with the rent from your investment property. Generally speaking, a loan-to-value ratio of 125% to 145% is required by most mortgage lenders.

Can I buy another house if I already have a mortgage?

It’s possible to get a mortgage for a new home without selling your current residence first.

You can keep your current residence either for your own use or as a rental property. You can use the money from this to put toward your new mortgage. A let-to-own mortgage is another name for this type of loan. Then, you’ll have a residential mortgage on the new place and a buy-to-let mortgage on the old one.

Factors to consider before taking multiple mortgages on

Taking out a mortgage is risky in and of itself, but taking out multiple mortgages at once greatly amplifies that risk. Decide beforehand if the potential downsides of carrying several mortgages are acceptable.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Can you afford two mortgages? Lenders may perform affordability checks, but you’ll still be on the hook for both mortgages.
    Is your credit history favorable? Having multiple mortgages might be extremely risky if you have poor credit. Not paying a mortgage, for example, might lead to repossession, which can further harm your credit score.
    Please tell me the whole amount of your financial obligations. It’s not a good idea to have a heavy debt load. Keep in mind that you will be expected to pay back each mortgage in full at some point, and don’t take on more debt than you can comfortably handle.
    Do you have a good cause to have so many mortgages? Many people have many assets, such as a primary residence, a vacation property, and a stock portfolio. However, it may not be prudent to invest in a property if you plan on using it only sometimes.
    Can you manage numerous homes? It can be challenging to keep up with the maintenance of a single property, much less a portfolio of several. You should be prepared to devote more effort, time, and money to managing your investment portfolio.


Owning numerous properties can be a lucrative economic strategy despite the inherent dangers. You can earn rental income and profit from rising property values if you own investment property. If you need assistance deciding what steps to take, our team of professionals is here to help.

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